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Certified Transformation Coach, Meditation Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Author, Speaker, and Energy Healer. With years of experience as an Intuitive, Tiffinnea is dedicated to providing personalized and transformative sessions driven from spirit to your life here and now. Passionate about neuropsychology Tiffinnea’s recent work includes the development of online programs that help reprogram the brain so that anyone can bring purpose and fulfilment by living in alignment with their inner values.


Tiffinnea has been featured on different Podcasts, YouTube channels and Facebook Tv for live events where she explains how the tools of spirituality saved her from a life of feeling lost, drained and searching for more. Through the tools of Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and Intuitive Guidance Tiffinnea has helped her self break free from the life she knew she did not want and is now on a mission to help others do the same.


Tiffinnea is blessed to live by the beach and wake up to the Okanagan mountain views in Kelowna, BC. Here she can be found supporting people to live their best life, enthusiastically diving deep into neuroscience through spirituality, and spending time in nature with her son and dogs.









Years of experience as an Intuitive, Tiffinnea is dedicated to providing personalized and transformative sessions driven from spirit to where you are at today here and now.

Holistic Approach

Services combine the power of meditation, hypnotherapy, and intuitive guidance, offering a comprehensive and holistic approach to your spiritual growth and self-transformation.

Community Based

My goal is to help you and others achieve profound shifts and lasting positive changes in your life, empowering you to live authentically and joyfully

Intuitive Energy Academy


Welcome to Intuitive Energy Academy’s Meditation & Energy Centre with Tiffinnea Roberts. Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards inner peace, self-discovery, and aligning with your soul purpose? My offerings and programs are designed to help you tap into your inner soul and connect with your authentic self. Discover your personal pathways to joy, peace, love, fulfillment, health, and abundance by engaging the conscious and subconscious mind, the physical body, the breath, and the spirit to discover. Align with the authentic essence of who you are within all aspects of your life.


Intuitive Energy Academy is bravely empowering those who know there is more to life than their soul-sucking jobs and draining circumstances. Shift to a life of purpose and access untapped potential. Reconnect with yourself and find answers that bring clarity that lies nestled within the depths of your soul.


Transform Your Life Through Reprogramming the Mind. Using Spiritual Practices such as Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Energy, and Intuitive Guidance. Services are offered on there own or as full life changing programs.







You Are In The Right Place If

It Can Happen.

If you resonated with any of the above, I have incredible news for you… Not only is all of this within your reach, it is also your birthright. You have the power to manifest it all, my friend. And it doesn’t have to be a long, arduous journey filled with struggle, overwhelm, and exhaustion. If that’s you, welcome to the perfect destination for you right now. 


When you release the deep-seated unconscious barriers that have held you back from fully embracing your purpose, you can step into your divine power and finally experience the clarity and confidence needed to say a resounding YES to what is it that you want to accomplish, your big vision. Right at this moment, you have arrived at the perfect place to make it all a reality. You were drawn here for the purpose of stepping into your power and believing in yourself again. It’s time to shed the limitations, transcend the safety of the familiar, stop striving relentlessly to achieve your goals, and let go of the excuse of uncertainty that has held you back from living a life of greatness.

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I am here to support you embrace the power within. Your path is illuminated by the brilliance of your purpose and passions. Let’s ignite the flames of your dreams and walk this empowering path together.